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Meet the Board

The Western Michigan Chapter's Board of Directors is made of up nine volunteer leaders, elected by the Chapter's dues paying membership.

In addition to making decisions with respect to budget, policy, and legal obligations, the Board of Directors sets the direction that the Chapter takes in fulfilling its Mission.

President Chuck Vannette (616) 456-9725 cvann30643@aol.com
Vice President Stephanie Black (616) 675-7237 ---
Secretary Roger Meyer (616) 975-1937 rogmey@aol.com
Treasurer JoAnne Baron (616) 677-3598 jlbaron@charter.net
Member At Large Jack Post (616) 682-1855 rensep@hotmail.com
Member At Large Chuck Hayden (616) 437-0334 pathfind2003@yahoo.com
Member At Large Paul Haan (616) 363-3342 paulhaan1@gmail.com
Member At Large Andy Mytys (248) 825-3148 amytys@followtheblazes.com
Member At Large Kathy Holwerda (616) 453-4085 skyeyes05@aol.com

Committee Leaders

With a direction, set of goals, and timelines in place, it's time to start working! The Board passes tasks down to the appropriate committee heads, who in turn organize a pool of volunteers that work together to get the job done.

Membership Kathy Holwerda (616) 453-4085 skyeyes05@aol.com
Trail/Shuttle Inquiry Andy Mytys (248) 825-3148 amytys@followtheblazes.com
Trail Building and Maintenance Paul Haan (616) 363-3342 paulhaan1@gmail.com
Trail Planning Chuck Hayden (616) 437-0334 pathfind2003@yahoo.com
Event Planning Matt Hahnfeld (616) 363-0368 matth@everysoft.com
Newsletter Andy Mytys (248) 825-3148 amytys@followtheblazes.com
Web/Facebook Andy Mytys (248) 825-3148 amytys@followtheblazes.com
Birch Grove Schoolhouse Mgmnt Charles Chandler (231) 245-8525 cd_chandler@att.net
Birch Grove Schoolhouse Reservations Dianne Taylor-Chandler (231) 245-8455 dianne_taylor@att.net
Trail Corridor Relations Chuck Hayden (616) 437-0334 pathfind2003@yahoo.com

Our Corps of Volunteers

Of course, none of the Chapter's initiatives could be done without the support and participation of a host of volunteers, who generously give their time and energy to build, maintain, promote, and protect the Trail in Kent and Newaygo counties.

Please consider joining us in our efforts - we need your help to make our vision a reality.