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The Mission of the Western Michigan Chapter of the North Country Trail Association is to build, maintain, and promote a high quality recreational trail through Michigan's Kent and Newaygo Counties.

Our vision is a natural, certified, well-known footpath that is off-roads, uses public green-space, and, when necessary, partners with private landowners.

Trail Range

The range of the North Country National Scenic Trail that the Western Michigan Chapter is responsible for spans from the Grand Rapids area up through the southern third of the Huron-Manistee National Forest. Generally, completed trail is on public lands, including the Lowell and Rogue River State Game Areas, and the Huron-Manistee National Forest. The current route spans about 140-miles, approximately half of which is completed, off road trail used by hikers for anything from short excursions to week-long outings.


Western Michigan is the Association's largest chapter, with more than 250 members. Although most members live in the Grand Rapids area, many also reside farther north and east. Some even live out of state. Members are instrumental in the expansion and upkeep of the trail - no matter what their age, ability, or how far they live from the trail, a job can be found for those who are willing to help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities tend to vary as much as the interest of each member. Some volunteers choose to work alone, while others prefer to work together in small teams. Volunteers help out in the woods on tasks such as bridge building, section maintenance, and trail-crew support, while others work from home using their skills in areas such as woodworking, journalism, and applying for grants. The chapter also has mentorship programs, where new volunteers learn the ropes from more experienced members of the chapter. See our page on Getting Involved for more information.